Photography by Tim Pojim

Photography by Tim Pojim

I believe the most crucial and self-defining trial of being an artist is the struggle to communicate oneself in ways that can be understood by others. As experts (and students) of the study of our own self-expression, we must learn to balance everything—clarity and abstraction, introversion and extroversion, depth and superficiality, real and fake—in order to interpret and respond to the world that we live in.

In my music, I am always aiming for that balance. Whether it's late night perusing playlists, or dancing one's socks off, music provides to us both an understanding and tragedy like no other. Its beauty lies in this juxtaposition. 

My name is Ross Angelo "Rossylo" Domingo, a 20 year old producer singer-songwriter from Tracy, CA, currently based in San Francisco, CA. This is my passion & I love every second of it.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me.


Background Art by Milaad Seresht

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