A Brief Homage to Mura Masa's "Love For That"

Exactly a year ago from today, on October 12, 2015, Mura Masa dropped a song that made waves in his career, and touched the hearts of loyal listeners, myself included.

For me, Love For That was so much more than a catchy groove; It served an answer to a lot of the questions that my life was stumped on at the time. I was fresh out of a breakup that needed to happen. For the final 10 months of a 3.5 year relationship, I was torn by a perpetual struggle between love and pain. And when a situation that hardly makes sense suddenly decides to simply pack itself up and leave, the confusion enters a deep void that is hard to escape. In a sense, you become attached to the discomfort of a toxic relationship. Once you're in that position, leaving the toxicity breaks you down before it builds you back up.

Love For That was one of those songs that came when I really needed it the most. Hearing Shura's ethereal voice sing those lyrics, it was as if she and MM reached into my heart, grabbed all the contents, and pieced them together into perfect harmony. It made me realize that perhaps the pain and emptiness I felt was not new; perhaps I had felt that way even before the break-up. And it was the right time for me to buckle down and realize the true nature of it all: I didn't fall in love for that. 

But all cheesiness aside.... This song still is a damn good song. Upon first hearing the viola, you can't help but wonder what direction the track is going in. Suddenly the verse drops and the rhythm completely changes. The percussive kalimba & snap is reminiscent of previous MM hits like Firefly. As it progresses, the violas come back and it all starts to piece together. 

And then the drum fill cancels everything out. And then it drops. And then you lose your mind. 

That groove is something else. It's dancey but organic. It's trop-housey but not too big room. It's R&B but still a bit rugged and edgy. Scratch all of that. It's Mura Masa.

To this day, this song still holds such an importance to me. It's one of my favorite songs, and has been instrumental in me finding and defining my sound. It directly influenced me to write Lunamar, which I consider to be the song that not only got me out of my funk that held me back for months, but also declared myself as the artist that I am today. In a sense, Love For That did more than just inspire me — It created me.

As of today, my song Miles Away is now officially published on The XXX via Artist Intelligence Agency. As I listen to how much I've grown in the past year, I can't help but be grateful. I remember being so angsty and frustrated at how things just weren't working out, and how I was just stuck in the same place for too long. Looking back, I realize that the frustration only provided to me the fuel that I needed to leave it. I'm so happy about how things have turned out. I owe almost all of this to Love For That

Happy 1 year anniversary! I'll be listening to you all day.


Background Art by Milaad Seresht

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